We supply many organisations across the UK, but none who have quite the online reputation as this particular appliance provider. They sell electrical appliance purely online up and down the UK and turnover about £550 million a year. They operate form their main distribution hub in Crewe but maintain and operate an additional 12 sites spread out across the country. As a business they sell and supply most household electrical items, from a kettle to a fridge-freezer!

This organisation found that they had two reasons to go out to market on their packaging products. Firstly they had lost that human connection with the previous supplier; as their main contact had left or moved department and they then suffered a price increase which they felt hadn’t been implemented in a professional manor.  Secondly they wanted to look at how they packaged the smaller items such as televisions, kettles and toasters. They had been dispatched and delivered with just a  label and no protective layer to preserve the branded boxes. These smaller items are entrusted to a third party logistics company to transport to customers and they found that they received reports of damaged and dirty items when delivered.

So the remit was clear. Provide good customer service, stay in touch, be personable and provide a solution to prevent damages. We initially participated in this tender of sorts providing a bespoke solution of 5 different sized bags and 3 boxes. All calculated to fit the full range of products they could send out, with the branding and strength required making sure the goods make it to the customer in one piece.


Our solution wasn’t as cheap as the other organisations that tender but we provided a solution that wasn’t wasteful and would provide the turnaround in damages they were looking for.

We were not successful at this point. The decision was made to go with the cheaper supplier by the Business Change Manager who unfortunately didn’t foresee the operational implications this decision would have and may have only seen it as cost saving exercise.

The story didn’t end there though, because the operational teams loved our solution, presentation and the personality of the Sales team. So much so they gave us the ad-hoc opportunities when they came about. We never failed them! Even on Christmas Eve we provided goods to them on a same day basis to get them out of a sticky spot and arranged further supply while our business was closed for the festive period.

With this we managed to gain another opportunity.

Yes the competition had a range of products that were cheaper than what we had proposed however, the solution didn’t save them any money! The products they were suppling were not the correct grades or sizes to provide that all round solution they had hoped for. The operations who had to use these products called us back in to use our solution.

The situation demonstrated that you should
A. understand what is being propose and
B. Try before you buy. If they had taken sample orders of the goods before committing to spend, the flaws in the product would have been identified and an expensive lesson avoided.

In the end the key to securing this business was
  1. Single source supply – no more multiple orders, invoices and a lot less administration.
  2. One delivery – to keep down the costs.
  3. Quality – providing the same or better quality then our competitors with measurably less wastage and re-pack time.
  4. Speed of Delivery – Next Day delivery, scheduled orders and effective stock management with consignment stock.
 In addition to providing a solution we also streamlined their operations with free equipment so that it was ready to use with our solution.

What made this customer challenging wasn’t the task of the solution but that it wasn’t any one person responsibility to manage the packaging within the business. This meant getting a unified response and idea could on occasion be challenging but after a lot of effort and commitment we now provide products and services that have yet to be rivalled. In the end we saved them money on the packaging and time with the improvements to the operational process.
This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last company we do this for. Could you be next?

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