This leading manufacturer came to use looking for corrufix nails of all things! We took hold of this opportunity and discussed other packaging items. The results from this call lead to a site visit from our Regional Sales Executive Gaius Holmes to further talk about what allpack® have to offer. This global business provided us with the perfect situation to demonstrate why we provide a better package and you will see that this kind of solution can be applied to those of a similar situation.

It can be appreciated that manufacturing businesses with 200+ employees in just the UK will encounter difficulties in their operations from time to time.

With this particular customer we found they had a struggle with the quality and consistency of their packaging products. This was due to their supplier being a distributor of packaging products so brought in from whom they could negotiate the best deal with but doesn’t always guarantee the best product. The hand hygiene manufacturer uses two different categories of packaging; Corrugated and Consumable. We have started a project on the consumables, which for them is machine tape, hand tape and polybags.

They were having issues with the consistency of quality and specification from their previous supplier. They would receive orders where the product was exactly what they wanted to specifications that they requested, however it became more frequent that this was not the case.

The consequence’s to this business of the substandard machine tape product meant they were getting damages at the end of the line where the machine tape didn’t stick and secure the boxes. Inevitable the goods being loaded off at the end of the line had product spillages causing the operation to slow or stop. This also caused health & safety issues and bottle necking on the line while they had to clear up and tape by hand. The business also found that they had more rejected pallets from their customers because the boxes where opening in transit.

This all cost the business money, not just the cost of the defective product but these incidents cost the operation on its bottom line.

In regards to the polybags that they had been using they too were subject to changes in specifications. They would receive bags to small or too large and on occasion the thickness varied. It caused a lot of waste of packaging product, as they became unusable for production. Again this unnecessarily added costs to their bottom line and effected the businesses environmental impact.
The business has a reputation for their top quality hygiene standards, which were not being meet with opened boxes on delivery to their customers. It goes to show that such a small thing as having a defective roll of tape can massively impact on the business brand, reputation and costs.

So what have we done to provide a solution for this business!

We have provided a branded product where we control the manufacturing, ensuring the quality and consistency they desired. They now have our Texus® Machine Tape and our Denva® hand tape for those taping issues. It’s such a simple solution but it has been so effective for this business. They now have less rejected pallets, fewer technical difficulties on the line which is improving their brand, reputation and costs.

Getting there wasn’t easy for either of us. They carried out extensive trials, particularly on the tapes. They took samples from 5 different suppliers including ourselves and pitted them against each other. They took the Texus® Machine Tape and our Denva® hand tape because it was a superior product to the others being present and we offered technical support alongside these fantastic brands. We provided support through the whole process, offering our years of experience to help answer any question or solve any problem that was directly related to packaging and processes in their operation.

Having said this, equally we didn’t over complicate things we keep everything as simple as possible. We did an analysis on what they were purchasing (when they had the right product) and provided an alternative to match.

To summarise we gained this business because we:
  1. Provided a consistent product.
  2. Provided additional technical support.
  3. Have potential to provide a single source option for the business
  4. Have online ordering, which has yet to be offered to them by another supplier.

This part of the project has become a personal success for Gaius Holmes, the Regional Sales Executive who takes care of this customer. He has held their hand through the whole process, he has found the perfect solution for this business to maintain its reputation in the market place and set them up to move their business to its next stage. However for Gaius his work is yet to be done, he will be looking to review the corrugated section of the business next with the desire to make operational improvements there also.

We think it is great what has been achieved with this customer! With a a strong team of Regional Sales Executives allpack® are prepared and ready to work with any business to resolve packaging and process issues. You can take advantage of our knowledge and experience with our free consultation service by contacting us today on 01922 472 400 or simply fill in out contact form and the team will call you back!

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