Why is your business using mail bags?


Depending on the size and type of business you operate, will depend on how often you sends goods out to customers or even suppliers. So, what do you use to send goods out through the post? Are you using envelopes, postal tubes, mailing bags, corrugated envelopes, tear resistant envelopes, clothing bags or bubble lined bags?

The choice can be endless…

At allpack® we have a flexible range of mail bags to meet any application or industry.

Plastic mail bags 

Plastic mail bags are perfect for light and non-fragile contents and they can also be branded with the logo of your choice.

All come with a peel and seal closure, but we can add perforations or cut along here printing and double peel and seal for simplified customer returns.

For some of our customers, we even supply them with carry handles, which is ideal for clothing companies and can help with storage too.

So, what are the advantages of using purchasing plastic mail bags?

They are high strength, waterproof, tear and puncture resistant, so your goods remain in excellent condition.

Suited to catalogues, parcels and clothing

Buy off the shelf today in sizes from 165 x 230mm to 711 x 584mm in blue or clear plastic for next day delivery, or discuss bespoke options with a member of the team.

Alternative solutions

For an alternative to plastic mail bags request a call back from a member of the team today

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