Are you happy with the packaging quality of the pallets in your warehouse?

If your answer is no, chances are you are still making use of the same old, ineffcient pallet packaging methods that are slow, as well as risky.

The revolutionary GRIP® Pallet Wrapping System will add agility and safety to your pallet wrapping process!

GRIP® allows you to empower your company’s packaging process with our highly useful and feature-rich GRIP® Pallet Wrapper. It will not only add efficiency to your pallet wrapping method, but it will also minimise downtime, reduce storage space and cut transport costs. In addition, we can guarantee you no risk of friction burns, bruises or back problems.

Ergonomic & Lightweight

Allows you to wrap quickly and effectively whilst reducing fatigue through its ergonomic and lightweight design.

Quick Release & Twist-Lock

The unique combination of the notched film roll and Twist-Lock retention mechanism facilitates rapid roll changes.

Easy One Handed Application

GRIP®'s lightweight characteristics enable wrapping close to the ground without bending and reaching high without operator strain.

Self-Gripping Stretch Film

The GRIP® skid-plate lets you get low to grab those corners and doubles as a handy base meaning your GRIP® is always ready for action.

Industrial Rack Mount

We even have a universal GRIP® hook that you can fix to racking systems or walls, so you always know your GRIP® is ready for action.

Get a GRIP® self-stretching wrap Dispenser for Free!

Trial a free dispenser and a case of films courtesy of Allpack® for 2 weeks to try the benefits first hand. If you are unhappy with the product, it can be collected from you after the trial period. Should you wish to keep receiving the benefits of the GRIP® pallet wrapping system, then one of our sales reps will consult you after your free trial regarding a further purchase of one our GRIP® products.

Please tell us below where we should send your free dispenser.