5 unique reasons to choose the revolutionary GRIP Pallet Wrapping System!

  1. Avoiding unnecessary and expensive injury claims due to misuse of pallet wrap
  2. Decreasing the risk of the load shift and injury or death
  3. Eliminating unnecessary cost associated with slow manual wrapping
  4. Eradicating excess pallet wrap going to land fill
  5. Reducing your tax liability due to reduced packaging waste

When you consider the amount of pallets manually wrapped in a day sometimes by unexperienced or temporary stuff.

What would be the consequences to you and the business of having pallets or loads rejected due to poor wrapping which has led to the load shifting? It makes sense to find an innovative way to eliminate the possibility of this happening... 

allpack® Packaging launches the revolutionary new pallet wrapping GRIP System designed to ensure the safety of your product, secure your load and save your company.


The GRIP self-gripping Stretch Film and Dispenser

Ergonomic & Lightweight

Allows you to wrap quickly and effectively whilst reducing fatigue through its ergonomic and lightweight design.

Quick Release & Twist-Lock

The unique combination of the notched film roll and Twist-Lock retention mechanism facilitates rapid roll changes.

Easy One Hand Application

GRIP®'s lightweight characteristics enable wrapping close to the ground without bending, and reaching high without operator strain.

Self-Gripping Stretch Film

The GRIP® skid-plate lets you get low to grab those corners and doubles as a handy base meaning your GRIP® is always ready for action.

Industrial Rack Mount

We even have a universal GRIP® hook that you can fix to racking systems or walls so you always know your GRIP® is ready for action.


Automatically contracts when applied, providing extra stability


Reduced ‘necking down’ means fewer wrap cycles per pallet

You'll wonder how you ever managed without grip®...
Unique lightweight + ergonomic design - stretch film dispenser


Storage space, Transport costs Roll change time + Downtim
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The robust core is designed to interface   seamlessly with the dispenser
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High load retention – creates a ‘strapping’ effect on the load creating a POWERFUL GRIP and excellent pallet stabilisation.

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