Introducing the revolutionary new GRIP FILM Wrapping Device

Packaging have never been made easier, with the new GRIP self-gripping Stretch Film and Dispenser.

Are you stressed out from all the packaging using stress films or having abrasions and body aches from the inconvenience?
Introducing the revolutionary packaging-aid product, the GRIP self-gripping Stretch Film and Dispenser by Allpack Packaging.

This is a must-have utility product for everyone! Affordable, easy to use and save yourself lots of stress during packaging. This product is designed specially to help you with the time-consuming task of manually wrapping pallets to avoid damage or loss.

Most times, pallets are not wrapped properly, and packaged goods gets broken before use. Allpack Packaging provides an innovative method to help you with the job.

By choosing our GRIP Pallet Wrapping System, you’ll prevent:

Abrasion and injuries from the constant wrapping of packages

You can now save yourself the pain and risk of wrapping products using the traditional wrapping film. Our device ensures a one-hand process anyone can get accustomed to with no assistance.

The risk of load shift and loss of properties

Sometimes packaged products gets compromised due to poor packaging, especially during transportation. Our self-gripping film dispenser provides a more reliable option.

Time wasted and unnecessary costs during manual wrapping process

When packages gets wrapped improperly, the film has to be removed and wrapped all over again. The wrapping process is also very time-consuming but much faster and efficient using the all the New GRIP device.

Packaging waste and tax liability

You don’t have to waste films and packages anymore, you can wrap as many parcels as you want with the GRIP self-gripping device for your convenience.

This product requires no technical assistance for usage and maintenance. With a highly durable material, you would be getting true value of your money. There’s no limit to what you can wrap with the GRIP self-gripping Stretch Film and Dispenser. This device offers maximum flexibility for better load coverage and easy one hand application.

The GRIP Pallet Wrap System is the PERFECT Solution!

Get your dispenser

This wrapping system ensures both speed and safety. We GUARANTEE that once you start making use of our GRIP pallet wrapping system, the productivity of your facility will surely be enhanced significantly.
Safety of your product is of paramount importance, and in this regard, the self stretching film accompanied with a dispenser will certainly provide maximum protection to the products loaded on the pallet.

We are confident about the quality, utility and functioning of our product and know that it will certainly be an asset for your facility.

However, if for any reason you find that our pallet wrapping system is not fit for your business, you can ask for a refund within 30 days, and we will process it without asking any questions.

In fact, we won't just return your money without question, we'll also let you select a similar film dispenser of your choice, absolutely FREE!

Guarantee if not satisfied:
30 day 100% money back guarantee
Not only paying the money back we buy and pay for a concurrent product as your preference
Plus freebies… see above