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Reduce waste by up to 50% and gain greater stability on your pallets, with our pre-stretched hand films that provide you with 40% residual stretch plus quick and easy application.


Standard, pre-stretched and power pre-stretched machine films that give you enhanced stretch, reduce waste, excellent load retention and cling, as well as improved load stability.

GRiP Stretch Film Dispenser

Lightweight and ergonomic, the GRIP offers quick and effortless one handed wrapping, swift roll changeover and superb self-gripping film, all without operator strain.

Printed wrapping film

Make your pallet wrap unique with a bespoke logo guaranteed to make your loads stand out, reduce load interference and stretch your brand power further.

Pre-Stretched Hand Films

e-stretch™ Hand WrapThe ultimate pre-stretched film

e-stretch™ films are stretched at the point of manufacture and rolled onto the core in its stretched state. Once applied the film contracts back to its original state.

Pulls load tighter improving load stability
Unlike other pre-stretched films, e-stretch™ is formulated to still have a residual 40% stretch
Using a pre-stretched film reduces waste by over 50%
Application requires less tension so is quicker and easier to apply


Cast & Blown Hand Films

Plus Cast Pallet Wrapping Film

Cast Film

Superior clarity, powerful cling and puncture resistant. Perfect for use with all applications, Powerful cling on the inside, so that loads don’t bond to each other during transit. Available in extended or standard core.

Plus Blown Pallet Wrapping Film

Plus Blown Film

Has additives to provide excellent cling and load stability and as a result can be noisy when coming off the roll. Recommended for irregular loads or use in cold stores.

Coloured Pallet Wrapping Film

Coloured Film

For concealing pallet contents or colour coded consignments. Provides extra security for transporting high value goods or quick identification of pallet contents. Blue is commonly used in the food industry.

Handywrap Pallet Wrapping Film


Ideal for securing small boxes or bundling awkward items. Can be applied in confined spaces and leaves no residue on the product as it only sticks to itself.

Sigmawrap™ Machine Film


Sigmawrap™ is a revolutionary product. Raw material blend innovation combined with cutting edge extrusion technology has delivered this ultimate in economical and effective wrapping to the market!

  • Constant stretch while wrapping, guaranteeing stable and controlled use
  • Greater stability and security of the packed load
  • Reduction in the volume of generated waste
  • Exceptional real cost savings - Cutting wrapping costs by up to 50%
  • Stronger edges facilitating unwrapping and making the film less susceptible to edge damage
Sigmawrap™ is a uniquely formulated film made from 33 layers of high performance raw material components for maximum load stability and stretch capacity. It is this formulation that gives Sigmawrap™ significant benefits over conventional five layer PPS films.
Whilst reducing overall thickness in comparison to conventional films, load stability increases. With 33 layers of specially formulated films, Sigmawrap™ reaches out to untouched and unrivalled performance levels in load stabilisation & puncture resistance.
Massive reduction in film waste and landfill impact. Sigmawrap will reduce film weights by up to a staggering 50%. Focusing on reduction of carbon footprint gives your company the cutting edge and proves your care and responsibility for the environment.
Yes, it’s true... Increased load stability, reduction in film waste, ease of application & significant cost reduction! Proven savings compared to conventional films of up to 40%. Arrange a free consultation and trial today with one of our technical advisors.


Machine Films

Megastretch™ Machine Film Megastretch™ Machine Pallet Wrapping Film

Standard Machine Film

High quality cast machine film for use with core brake stretch systems. Extremely strong, versatile and designed for high performance applications seeking higher tensile strengths, excellent puncture resistance, good cling, slip and load retention. Compatible with the Orbitwrap Classic machine.

150% Stretch

Megastretch™ Pre-Stretch Machine Film Megastretch™ Power Pre-Stretch Machine Pallet Wrapping Film

Power Pre-Stretch Machine Film

High quality power pre-stretch film provides excellent pallet stabilisation, for use with machines with dual roller power pre-stretch systems. Compatible with the Orbitwrap power pre-stretched machine.

300% Stretch

e-stretch™ Machine Film e-stretch™ Machine Pallet Wrapping Film

Machine Film

e-stretch™ films are stretched at the point of manufacture and rolled onto the core in its stretched state. Once applied the film contracts back to its original state, thus pulling the load tighter, improving load stability. Using a pre-stretched machine film reduces wastage by over 50% as well as dramatically reducing waste.

Reduse waste by up to 50%

150% Stretch

300% Stretch

Reduse waste by up to 50%

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Semi-Automatic Palletwrap Machines

Orbitwrap™ 2000A

Semi-Automatic Classic Machine
Manual film tension control with quick tension release for loading, suitable for use with all film types.

Orbitwrap™ 2000B

Semi-Automatic Power Pre-Stretch Machine
Power Pre-stretch tension regulated from the control panel with auto film feed control for loading, suitable for use with power stretch films only for higher yield.

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