How sure are you that the printed tape you use is fit for purpose? 

50% of Customers buy printed tape without fully understanding what they’ve bought.
At allpack® our sales team have extensive knowledge on printed tapes and take the time to understand your needs.

They know there is no such thing as a standard box of tape…

How can we support your business?

We offer a transparent service which means our professional team will take the time to understand your needs because 98% of complaints about tape relate to application, size, temperature and storage. When you talk to us, we’ll be asking:

  • What do you need the printed tape for?
  • What does your current packing process involve?
  • Where will the tape be stored?
  • What will it be applied to?
  • Will it be machine or manually applied?
  • Have you received poor performance from another tape?
  • Will this order be a one off or will you need more in the future, so we can offer the best price?

Pre-Printed or Customised?

We stock a range of shelf ready pre-printed tapes, for almost any application, however, if you are looking to add that something extra to your packages, talk to us about your bespoke requirements. There are thousands of combinations available and with a quick turnaround of 7-10 days in the UK, compared to longer lead times in Europe and the Far East, allpack® can guarantee a service that is both professional and speedy.


Are you ready to seal and brand your packages in one?

Printed tape doesn’t just seal your boxes, it represents your company. Consumers want to feel connected to their purchases. Instructions for handling or a company logo speaks volumes and in the current climate, even your choice of printed tape material will inform customers of where you stand on the environment.

Be proud and loud with your printed tapes…

Choose a recognisable artwork design and see a reduction in lost consignments and an increase in returning customers.

We can have designs ready for customer approval all within a 24 hour window and if we’re printing too, we can create printing plates and complete your order all within 10 days.

We can print to the following tapes using top surface and under surface printing technology, in a number of colours. If the colours you need exceed our maximum number, we can also remaster your original artwork, subject to your approval.
 (Please note under surface printing is only available for orders above 720 rolls of tape.)

Talk to Your Packaging Expert

A versatile, multi purpose tape, 32 microns thick with solvent adhesive. Easily hand torn and receptive to basic ink printing. Not ideal for machine application due to slow release.
Hot melt Polypropylene
A tear resistant 28 or 25 micron tape. Beware of using in cold temperatures. Puncture resistant and noisy on unwind.
Acrylic Polypropylene
Available in noisy and low noise unwind varieties.
Self-Adhesive Paper
Comes in hot-melt and solvent adhesive.
Water activated / Gum Paper
Available in standard, reinforced Standard or buff, white or oyster.
Acrylic Polypropylene
Available in noisy and low noise unwind varieties.
This is a much thicker tape, Giving a quality look and feel. It is available as tearable and on-tearable.

Talk to Your Packaging Expert

Say goodbye to frustrations and hello to a printed tape that will revolutionise the way you pack, change your customer’s experience and boost your brand on it’s final journey.

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