Forget about flying a banner across the skies, now you can gain greater exposure than ever before with printed pallet wrap!

Introducing allpack’s® latest addition to our pallet wrap family!

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How does it work?

You supply us with a logo or design of your choice, or we can create a unique design for you.
We print your logo using a combination of three different colours.
We always supply a sample for your approval.

How will this bespoke pallet wrap benefit my company?

Your quality branded goods can now be shipped in style, giving you exposure on the shopfloor, during transit and in the warehouse; boosting your brand and reaching corners of the world previously uncharted.
For carriers the clearer your goods are identified the more they know what class of goods is being transported and how to take care of it, giving you extra peace of mind.
When your logo is emblazoned for all to see, any re-wrapping or interference of your loads will be quickly diagnosed, which means you can say goodbye to breaches in security, theft or losses.

Start branding your goods from the start of the supply chain and create a positive buzz amongst your competitors.

Challenge your brand to stretch further…

add a bespoke logo, at bespoke prices and change the way you ship goods today!

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Discuss your design with an expert