Do you ever have trouble stacking cylindrical products?
It can be a tricky business trying to secure cylindrical items. Rolling, gapping and stacking on top of each other can be a real issue, that is until now!

Meet the latest addition to our palleting solutions…

Stakker Roll Cradles

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What is it?

The Stakker roll cradle is a construction made from recycled fibre that permits safe and secure loading of cylindrical items horizontally, such as: pipes, fabrics, films, tubes and rolls.

How do you use them?

The roll cradle permits more items to be stacked than conventional pyramid stacking. Simply place the cradles evenly on your pallet and place your product into the dip of the cradle. Criss cross the cradles on each tier or place identically as you add more layers. When you’re ready to secure your load, place your ‘Stakkker’ upside down on the top tier, add wood and pass straps over the wood. Secure with pallet wrap, as normal.

What are the benefits of buying the Stakker Roll Cradle?

It stores more cylindrical products horizontally, than pyramid stacking.
Guarantees your pallets are stacked safely and securely, which will lessen damages.
It’s suitable for a wide range of industries.
It’s made from a flexible material, that won’t soften under normal shipping conditions.
The unique design ensures you won’t lose pallet stability, as the cradle distributes weight evenly.
You can reuse or recycle them.
Purchase a pair for only £1.49!
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With two great offers, stacking your cylindrical items safely has never been easier.

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